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American Bang

Whiskey Walk

Here's the assignment: Get air-dropped into Nashville - a city where you know no one - and produce three back-to-back-to-back music videos with only four days of prep. GO!

Lucky for American Bang, this is exactly the type of insanity Cage Free specializes in. And lucky for Cage Free, American Bang is a bad-ass rock n' roll band - a fact that is clearly on display in this monster performance video.

American Bang are currently on tour spreading their infectious brand of raucous, sweaty hard rock across the country. They have opened for multi-platinum acts such as Creed, Weezer and ZZ Top.

Their previous single, Wild and Young, reached #24 on the Billboard Modern Rock Charts and was featured on both MTV and MTV2, proving once and for all that there's a lot more coming out of Nashville than just country music.